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Testimonials For Horses

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Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula is providing relief and enhancing performance for thousands of horses across the country. Here are just a few of the wonderful experiences our customers have shared with us lately.

Trainer finds relief for himself and his horse
“CM Response® has literally changed the way I walk, the way I feel and the way I ride. I had to quit riding about 13 years ago due to severe joint pain. The high-powered prescription arthritis medicines just didn’t help. But now I’m back in the saddle thanks to CM Response®. My 32-year-old mare was the same way. It used to take 3 men to help her get to her feet in the morning. Two weeks to the day after she started taking Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula, she stoop up on her own. And now the grandkids are riding her.”

Richard Shrake
Creator of Resistance Free® Training & Riding, coach, best-selling author and judge of 26 World Championship Shows for 5 major breeds.
Sunriver, OR

Significant change in movement
“The reason I like Advanced Cetyl M® is that it’s simple, it’s easy to use and it works—and you can’t over or under dose. Over the past year, I’ve seen a dramatic difference in the way my horses move on Cetyl M®, especially the way the lope up under themselves. I’ve also had to inject their hocks considerably less and that saves me a lot of money right off the bat. The human formula with cetyl myristoleate (CM Response®) is just as amazing, and I ship it to my grandfather every couple months in Australia for his arthritis. He still has arthritis, but he doesn’t have near the pain and he can’t believe how much better he feels in the morning.”

Clinton Anderson
Trainer, clinician and two-time winner of the prestigious Road to the Horse Competition and host of Downunderhorsemanship
Belle Center, OH

Olympic Dressage Coach says it’s good for the whole “family”
“Advanced Cetyl M® joint action formulas have produced incredible results for me, my horses and my family. These revolutionary joint health formulas featuring cetyl myristoleate have helped thousands of horses and dogs suffering from joint stress and pain. There’s even a capsule formula and topical cream for people called CM Response®. My mother, mother-in-law, aunt and I all use it with amazing results for relief from our arthritis pain.”

Jane Savoie
2004 Olympic Coach for Canadian Dressage Team, author and winner of three National Freestyle Championships and nine Horse of the Year Awards.
Berlin, VT
Wellington, FL

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Palomino Gelding Shows Big Change
“I just had to tell you how pleased I am with your product! My 20-year-old Palomino gelding was really having some hip problems. The farrier even had trouble getting him to pick up his back feet because it was so painful. Poor Boomer would actually cry out in pain. After only eight weeks, he is running and playing like his old self again. Even the farrier noticed a big change ... no pain and Boomer just lifted his legs for him, which he hadn't done in quite a while. Thank you for developing Cetyl M®, and Boomer thanks you too!

Louise Morgan
Sylvania, GA

Cetyl M® Really Works
“We have a 14-year-old AQHA foundation bred stallion that had extensive reining training as a four and five year old. That repetitive pattern work caused hock problems and first and second stage navicular problems. We were heading toward the world show in team roping and almost had our points when he came up very lame. We laid him off and retired him, using him for lessons and my wife’s trail horse. He could not go down hills due to his hocks and could not stand on one back leg to be shod. After three weeks on Cetyl M® he will almost run down hills, stopping with his back under him as he should
and not short stepping his back legs at all. I was skeptical of this product due to trying several things over the 35 years I've been involved with quarter horses, but Cetyl M® really works and I'll tell anyone who asks that it is definitely worth the money. Thanks for a great product.”

Stan Rogers
Triple R Quarter Horses, Oak Hills, CA

Mare No Longer Needs Injections
“At first I thought I'd experiment with Advanced Cetyl M® on myself and my husband. We both have arthritis. I ordered a bottle and we each took two capsules the day it arrived. Lo and behold, the next morning we were both amazed. We had no arthritic symptoms at all! Originally, I was interested in this product for my horse that was to arrive in a couple of weeks. She's an 18-year-old mare with OCD and has developed arthritis in her hocks. She was on injections and I was told she would need them upon her arrival as she was already overdue. When she arrived, I had my supply of Advanced Cetyl M® with me. She was fed a bran mash with the loading dose of Cetyl M®. I was warned by her previous owner that she would be very stiff in the morning. Morning came and she was fine! Two days later she was out in the arena cantering and kicking up her heels. I've continued giving her Cetyl M® now for two months and she has never showed signs of arthritis. As a matter of fact, the vet said she doesn't need injections because the Cetyl M® is working. This is an amazing product. Absolutely amazing! Thank you!”

Arlene Otto
Coram, NY

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X-Rays of 20-Year-Old Rodeo Horse Show “Joints of a 2-Year-Old”
“Our daughter Rosanna has a 20-year-old thoroughbred gelding she had been rodeoing with in high school competition doing barrels and pole bending. Captain Madison (we call him Capi) was under a lot of joint stress from the competition so we put him on Advanced Cetyl M® to prevent joint problems. The Advance Cetyl M® really improved his performance! Recent X-rays show his hocks and joints are those of a 2-year-old. One X-ray showed a bone chip in the left fetlock. But Capi shows no lameness. Surgery would normally be recommended but the vet says there’s no need for it without lameness. Horses usually start slowing down at age 20, but Capi is doing wonderfully. In fact, his improved performance helped earn Rosanna a rodeo scholarship to Boise State University. Rosanna and Capi are now both going off to college rodeo. We attribute it all to Advanced Cetyl M®.”

Vivian Anderson
Townsend, MT

Horse with Ringbone Shows Amazing Recovery
“I was desperate to help my horse ‘Doc’ after he tore a ligament and developed severe ringbone in the coffin joint of his left hoof. Our vet said the problem would only get worse and that he would eventually have to be put down. We put him on Advanced Cetyl M® and after just two weeks, Doc was able to walk without limping. After the first month he was able to trot and canter without limping. My horse is now pain-free and happy thanks to this wonderful product. My vet calls Doc the miracle horse.”

Lori Pieprzyca
New Braunfels, TX

Veterinarian Uses Advanced Cetyl M® with His Own Horses
“I have been using Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula for Horses for two and a half years, mostly on my young barrel-racing horses whose joints come under a lot of stress. While Advanced Cetyl M® works fast to reduce inflamed and sore joints, I also use it as an effective preventative of joint problems. My horses that are on Advanced Cetyl M® perform better. And in performance horses, that’s the bottom line. I recommend Advanced Cetyl M® to a lot of my clients.”

Sid Erickson, DVM
Helena, MT

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Racehorse Trainer Recommends Advanced Cetyl M®
“I had a 3-year-old Arabian filly who was having stifle problems. She had gone through a big growth spurt and wasn’t breaking over in the rear, causing inflamed stifles. The track veterinarian here at Arapahoe Park Race Track recommended I put her on Advanced Cetyl M®. I did and the Advanced Cetyl M® worked great. No more inflammation and she is moving well. I’m going to keep her on it.”

Jeffrey Winterstein, Racehorse Trainer
Littleton, CO

Thoroughbred shows remarkable improvement

"Following a failed pre-purchase exam and against my vet's advice, I went ahead & purchased the 3-going-on-4-year old 16.1 hand thoroughbred in hope that he could be brought around to at least a 2nd Level dressage horse. After speaking to one of the vets at Texas A&M who recommended injecting the hocks and waiting for them to potentially fuse, I still sought relief for the day-to-day pain the horse exhibited following a workout. I do not want to keep horses on long-term Bute because of the potential for ulcer formation. I was told glucosamine & MSM by themselves would provide some help, along with some topical solutions (i.e., magnetic therapy, cold compresses & various solutions). However, in speaking to an active 3-day eventer, I learned of Advanced Ceytl M® Joint Action Formula, and decided to give it a try. After the initial loading dosage, I saw improvement. And after six months, I realized the full extent of the horse's REMARKABLE improvement. Now, I am happy to report, I can see this now 16.3H TB named Lancelot going much further than I ever anticipated. Thank you for making such a remarkable product available to the public."

Sarea Moreland Knight
Shady Shores, TX

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